Abortion Rights are Human Rights

With crucial human rights under constant attack, we're all looking for ways to help. We've put together a list of some organizations who are fighting back, both by challenging conservative politics and providing aid to people in need of abortions and similar care. These groups are doing amazing work and really need all of our support. Whatever you can offer, whether it be volunteering your time or giving donations, will be greatly appreciated.

This fight is not over.


National Funds

  • Abortion Care Network is an organization dedicated to supporting independent abortion care providers.
  • The Brigid Alliance coordinates and funds abortion care for anyone who needs it, including people in areas that are hostile to women's health providers. They provide travel, lodging, and even childcare services to help those who need abortions get proper care.
  • Indigenous Women Rising aims to tackle the unique issues indigenous women face in the U.S. and Canada. They offer funding for abortions and contraceptives for indigenous people.
  • The National Abortion Federation serves as both a professional association for abortion providers and a fund to help patients access abortion care. They provide information, referrals, and financial assistance services around the country.
  • Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project or WRRAP is the largest independent abortion fund in the United States. They offer financial support for people in need of abortions or emergency contraceptives by providing funds directly to health clinics and doctors.


Local & State-Level Funds

  • Abortion Fund of Arizona works with health clinics to provide financial support for people in the state of Arizona who are seeking abortion services.
  • Access Reproductive Care (ARC) Southeast is an abortion fund for people in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. In addition to providing funding for abortion services, they run community-level programs to educate local leaders about the fight for reproductive justice.
  • The Agnes Reynolds Jackson Fund (or "Aggie Fund" for short) provides funding for patients in need of abortions in the Toledo area.
  • Arkansas Abortion Support Network provides financial support and patient escorting services within the state of Arkansas. They also hold educational and advocacy events to promote reproductive rights in the region.
  • The Chicago Abortion Fund provides financial and logistical assistance for people in Illinois and the greater Midwest.
  • The Kentucky Health Justice Network, guided by the reproductive justice framework, provides direct support, education, and outreach for reproductive rights in Kentucky.
  • The Lilith Fund is the oldest abortion fund in Texas, providing direct financial assistance for people in need of abortions and reproductive care.
  • Midwest Access Coalition provides support to people traveling from and to the Midwest, including travel coordination & costs, lodging, food, and emotional support. They also work with the ACLU's Judicial Bypass team to provide support for minors in need of confidential care.
  • The Missouri Abortion Fund works with clinics to provide financial assistance for abortion services, as well as education and advocacy programs, for Missouri residents.
  • The New Orleans Abortion Fund works with local clinics to provide funding for people who need abortions in and near Louisiana.
  • The North Dakota Women In Need Abortion Access Fund (or "ND WIN Fund") provides funding for abortions, birth control, STI testing, ultrasounds, and other reproductive wellness costs in the state of North Dakota.
  • The Rabbi Ronald Goldstein Fund provides direct funding for anyone seeking abortion care in North Louisiana.
  • The Roe Fund provides direct financial assistance to people in need of abortions in Oklahoma, one of the only groups in the region to do so.
  • The Utah Abortion Fund is the only abortion fund for people in or traveling to the state of Utah.
  • Women's Health Center of West Virginia's Choice Fund provides financial assistance for abortions, travel, lodging, and childcare to people in and traveling to West Virginia.


Political Advocacy Groups

  • The Center for Reproductive Rights is a global legal and advocacy group working to protect reproductive rights both within the U.S. and around the world.
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America is a political action group that focuses on political action and advocacy efforts to expand access to abortion care and birth control, as well as supporting the rights of pregnant people and parents.
  • The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is an organization dedicated to advancing sexual healthcare and protecting reproductive rights. It was founded as the advocacy arm of Planned Parenthood, a global provider of reproductive healthcare.


If you have any feedback on this list or would like to see a group added, please don't hesitate to reach out.